The main resource of the company ALIANS-CG is the continuous ten-year experience of its founders of creating both Russian and joint Russian-foreign projects. The creators of ALIANS-CG were involved and still participate as producers and supervisors in the successful Russian projects, which were already released in the Russian cinemas earlier (full-length movie “The Adventures of Alyonushka and Eremu “(2008),” The New adventures of Alyonushka and Eremu “(2009), and projects, which are about to be released recently to enter both local and foreign market (” Miracle Yudo “(2017),” The Cat and the Beaver. Double trouble “(2017),” The Princess and the Dragon. Magical mirror Mystery “(2017), as well as various TV series, documentaries, commercials, light installations, mapping shows and other types of video content). The projects managed by the founders of the company ALIANS-CG have been nominees and winners of prestigious competitions and animation festivals, including nomination for “Golden Eagle” film award.


Animation merchandise bring their creators billions of dollars. At the same time the industry of local animation projects itself is becoming a profitable business both in Russia and overseas. A striking example of successful animation brands are the projects “Masha and the Bear”, “Smeshariki” and “Fixiki”. Moreover, the Russian animated franchises, “The Snow Queen”, “Belka and Strelka” and “Wolves and Sheep” are successfully screened worldwide.

Therefore, the company ALIANS-CG
is ready to launch the partners animation brands, as well as
to collaborate in their animation projects creation process.

Within the brand development process the company ALIANS-CG will provide the top quality and a high level of visual complexity, oriented to the level of a number of American, European and Japanese animation major projects ( “Shrek,” “Rapunzel” and others), with the ability to create projects in 3D-stereo. Special attention is paid to the quality of dialogue and gags, as well as the creation of original music score for animation projects.


The company ALIANS-CG is focused on the cooperation between Russian and foreign animated film production companies. The company ALIANS-CG is ready to negotiate on behalf of Russian clients with foreign partners, to handle the technical and creative documentation for such negotiations and further implementation of a joint Russian-foreign animation projects.
Particular attention founders of the company are paying to the cooperation with leading animation studios in China, by repeatedly holding meetings and negotiations with their management, sharing experience and cooperating with them recently.