Directed by: Marina Nefedova
Story by: Vasily Rovensky
Staring: Dmitry Ermak, Natalia Bystrova and other actors.

In one kingdome once there lived a Princess Varvara. Her father was King Alistair, and the counselor of the King Balthasar was engaged in upbringing of the princess. When Varvara turned 7 years old, she found a magic book that brought her to the Fairyland. There she met a little Dracosha and other inhabitants of this country. During her trips to the Fairyland, Varvara found a magic mirror using which she could communicate with other residents of this world. When Varvara returned to her world, she remembered that Balthasar also had such a mirror. She decided to sneak into Balthazar’s room, hoping that with the help of a mirror she would be able to find her mother. But Balthazar had hidden his mirror in the dungeon. Then Varvara returned to the Fairyland and asked Draco to help her. Together they returned to Varvara’s castle and found the magic mirror of Balthazar. Varvara had been able to talk to her enchanted mother, who promised to return to Varvara …


Directed by: Victor Azev, Vasily Rovensky, Natalia Nilova
Story by: Vasily Rovensky

In one of the galaxies, the planet is dying. Residents of this planet have sent a search team of space pilots to find an ancient source of energy that can save their civilization. The exact location of the source is unknown, but there is evidence that it is on one of the planets in the solar system. A search group of aliens arrives in our solar system, where they are met by malicious “scratchers” – space pirates. They are chasing pilots and at the Earth’s orbit they shoot their flying saucer and damage it. After that the search group has an accident on planet Earth.

On the planet Earth on the island lives a beaver Bob, who hosted the homeless cat Max. The cat is obsessed with the desire to be a celebrity and become famous. Bob and Max accidentally find a cosmic source of energy, but do not know about its importance. The flying saucer with an alien search group, falls on this island and the aliens ask the cat and the beaver for help . The “scratchers” land on Earth and capture the aliens as prisoners, as well as beavers and other animals for sale in slavery. The cat escapes from captivity and decides to release his friends. He figured out about the possibilities of a cosmic energy source and with its help gets into battle with “scratchers”. With the help of the caught animals, the cat gain a victory and releases all the captives. The search group of aliens with the found source of cosmic energy and captive “scratchers” returns to their planet.


Directed by: Artem Lukichev
Story by: Vasily Rovensky
Staring: Anton Makarsky, Natalia Medvedeva, Irina Medvedeva and other actors …

An extraordinary fairy tale about the Prince Ivan, who have learned about the disappearance of the princess Varvara from the neighboring Kingdom, and goes to find her, along with the little Dragon Miracle-Yudo, whom he met on the way. Ivan also does not know that the Dragon is not at all what he claims to be …

“Новые приключения Аленушки и Еремы”

Directed by: Georgy Gitis
Staring: Inna Gomes, Anton Makarsky, Renata Litvinova, Sergey Chonishvili and others …

Erema dreams to become a rock star, Alena is making preparations to marry Erem, and the princess Vseslava is engaged in transformations in the domain of Shah Rahman, having access to the oil east fountains. The insidious knight Frauenlob and voivod Gordei wants to steal the missile named “steamboat”, invented by Veseslava, and to sell it to the Chinese emperor. But over the knight’s foolishness, the “steamboat” flies to Africa, together with the Shah. In Africa, a knight and a shah are captured by a local tribe of cannibals – shaman Babuchang and his Ellochka-ogres. Vseslav, Alenushka, Erema, King Dormidont and the astrologer Farid are sent to the rescue expedition. But who will save the heroes at the last minute?

“The Adventures of Alenushka and Erema”

Directed by: Georgy Gitis
Staring: Inna Gomes, Anton Makarsky,
Renata Litvinova, Sergey Chonishvili
and others…

The beautiful Alenushka arrives to the aunt Efrosinje, who helps Tsar Dormidont around the house. On the way she received a basket with magic apples from a mysterious stranger, and at first sight falls in love with the talented musician Yerema, who lives next door. And Erema fell in love with Alenushka, but due to the confusion with the magic apples and through the fault of Alenushka, the enchanted Erema falls in love with Princess Vseslav, the daughter of the king of Dormidont. In order to get married, Alenushka and Yerema have to overcome many obstacles, they will be interfered with both the Voivod, and the Knight, and Shostakos sent by Stargazer with Cyclops.