The company ALIANS-CG has extensive experience in the production organization of the CG animation for TV series and feature films. We are ready to offer to our partners as turnkey solutions, that have proven themselves successfully in the former animated projects with a high level of complexity, as well as to create a unique production, corresponding exactly to customer requirements.
The company ALIANS-CG is ready to take on the following tasks:
1. The organization and the formation of the working process (Pipeline) of the studio by selecting optimal technologies and methods for each stage of production in accordance with:
– The specific objectives set by the project script;
– The artistic decision about style and design;
– The terms and the project budget.
2. Software selection and purchase according to expected studio pipeline, project budget and staffing. We have expertise in the most effective collaborative software and plug-ins that make up the core of the production, based on well-known software, such as Autodesk Maya, Pixar Renderman, The Foundry Nuke; and based on the innovative solutions such as SideFX Houdiny, Unity, Octane and Red Shift.

3. The maximum automation of all routine operations performed by hand at every stage of production, in order to optimize the size of the studio staff and production duration, which will save huge funds to partners of our company.

4. Description of the studio pipeline through the creation of work documentations for each production department.

5. Automation of production management through the development and implementation of ACS (Automated Control Systems). Our company can also implement a third-party production management systems such as Autodesk Shotgun, Southpaw Tactic and Cerebro.

6. Engaging in the project the most qualified artistic and technical professionals as department leaders.

7. Determination, search and purchase of the necessary hardware for implementing the studio tasks. Our company works with the most reliable vendors of specialized electronics, computers, appliance, and has extensive experience in the selection of hardware solutions and certified software vendors.

8. Involving to the project the most qualified mid-level managers (production managers, Asset, Freelance, pre-post-production managers, etc.).

9. Monitoring the studio efficiency (detecting and resolving local conflicts, teambuilding, rising studio spirit, arranging the production meetings with the heads of departments, managers, producers of the studio).