The company ALIANS-CG has a huge experience in the complex animation projects pre-production. As part of the work on this stage it carries out the following types of work:

  • Creating a unique production team by searching and hiring suitable specialists (film director, script writer, art director, concept artists, storyboard artists, etc.). Special attention is paid to the development and efficiency of this team.

  • Pre-production team management and mentoring to establish the basic style of the project (reference selection and discussions to form the visual concept of the project, editorial work on script writing, dialogue writing, bible of the project, etc.)

  • Asset-list creation and analysis for the preliminary assessment of the complexity of the visual representation, including the efficient amount of the characters, locations, objects, props, etc.

  • Technical control over the 2D animatic creation, character and set development, in the course of which the creative ideas will be identified and optimized at the early stage in terms of  man-hours and financial cost before sending them into production.

  • Creative control over the 2D animatic creation and visual part of the overall project by organizing screenings of the work materials, research for optimal solutions during the scriptwriting, and other areas of pre-production.

  • Casting actors for dubbing and voice recordings, arranging the work of composers and sound designers, script and lyrics writers, choreographers.