The main goal of the company ALIANS-CG is to offer an optimal production plan for Russian and international animation projects. The company provides analysis and identification of production risks arising in the course of animation franchises and brands creation, helps to reduce the time of animated content production and optimize the budget.


The company ALIANS-CG is created to provide expertise and services to large industrial companies, which are intended to invest heavily in the creation of animated feature films and TV series. The company ALIANS-CG is willing to participate in the subsequent organization of production process and to control the entire production cycle of any type of work from pre-production to post-production.

The main priority of the company is to organize a large-scale animation production in Russia, based on a large animation studio with the ability to carry out an unlimited number of animated projects simultaneously. During the implementation of this task, the company ALIANS-CG is focused on the interaction with major Russian producers and investment companies, as well as foreign partners.


The main goal of ALIANS-CG is the creation and development of the animation studio focused on a new popular Russian animation. By implementing this very ambitious task and constantly increasing studio assets, its capitalization and the number of produced projects, we will securely rise and retain investors profit.


The main production activities of the company are to analyze the artistic and technological parts of the project, production deadlines and budgets, the adaptation of the artistic and story sides of projects to the real production time and budget restrictions, production structure development and improvement, recommendations for work schedule, job descriptions and milestones. All of these types of work are taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian animation industry: limited Human Resources market, small budgets and tight production deadlines.