The company ALIANS-CG aims to participate in the creation of the most promising outstanding international animation brand in terms of marketing. During the creation of the brand company ALIANS-CG is ready to take part in the organization of the licensing by defining its production aspects.

The main aspects of the company services in the licensing field are the formation of a unique image of the brand, the control of the brand stylistic solutions, cross-marketing, and feedback from the target audience.

The company ALIANS-CG is ready to introduce the certain merchandise groups into the production at the stage of pre-production, which can subsequently be licensed. Furthermore, we will take into consideration the license types and areas of issue, as well as participate in the development of the technological aspects of cooperation with partners upon signing the license agreement.

The company ALIANS-CG is ready to participate in the discussion and development of the design and materials for brand advertising campaign. As well as to participate in the product quality control, produced by different manufacturers, and to arrange a group of engineers and designers developing these products. Moreover, the company is willing to cooperate, and control the work of publishers, who develop the final layout of the brand merchandise: toys, printing on clothing, computer games, etc

At the stage of pre-production the company ALIANS-CG is participating in the development of licensing schedule and controlling the merchandise design and industrial samples. The company can make up the brand standards – up to 50 poses of each licensed character, develop locations, fonts, elements of artistic ornament, etc.

The company ALIANS-CG is ready to participate in the implementation of the main aspects of licensing:

  • the film itself.
  • merchandising such as food products, sweets, toys, clothing, etc.
  • Media merchandise – the goods and services, which can change the attitude to a brand in a positive or negative way. It includes all media related areas: publications (newspapers, magazines, internet media), computer games, books, shows, plays and musicals.

Moreover, the company ALIANS-CG is capable to develop the technological aspects of the ideas, that authors have pledged into a brand by using new technologies such as used for screenings in spherical cinemas and VR (virtual reality).