He was born on June 27, 1977 in Moscow. All his life he was interested in visual arts, he was engaged in painting and graphics.

In 1994 he entered Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the department of “Aerodynamics and ballistics, computer support of flight”. During his studies he became interested in visual programming and design, he has been actively engaged in computer graphics, animation packages “Autodesk 3D Studio MAX” and “Alias ​​| Wavefront Maya”.

In 1997 he started to create his first work in 3D graphics, which were subsequently repeatedly exhibited on various professional Internet resources, where they quickly received an extensive response. In the same year he began collaborating with the studio Argus-International, where he took part in the production of the animated series “Ivan and Mitrofan.” In the following years, he worked as a designer of software products and as a programmer, on a part-time basis, until he had finally decided to make 3D computer graphics his main direction of work.

In 2001, after graduating from university, he entered the “Real Time School, Moscow”. He received certificates Alias ​​| Wavefront «Maya Transition» and «Mel Fundamentals», after that, he started work in the Moscow company «Alt Pictures», as a 3D artist. During the years of work in this company he participated in the creation of both commercials and print products, as well as the CG-series under the working title “Coral Reef”.

In 2003 he decided to try out gaming industry and joined the company “Akella”, where he worked on the project “Pirates of the Caribbean” commissioned by Bethesda Softworks. After the game release, he received an offer to take part in the production of a full-length animated film “Krakatuk.”

In 2006, he was invited to the studio “Paradise” as a supervisor of the project and the head of the departments of modeling and visualization. During the years of work in this company, two full-length animated films “The Adventures of Alenushka and Eremy” and “The New Adventures of Alyonushka and Eremy” had been created.

In his spare time from the main work he repeatedly participated in various national and international competitions of computer artists. He gained the lead three times. Personal works were marked by various international resources: Animago 2005 3D Award, CGsociety.org “CG Choice Award”, 3D Artists “Juri Pick” Award, 3DTotal “Exellence” Award; Published in such publications devoted to computer graphics as “Expose” (issue # 3), “D’artiste: Character Modeling”, “3D World magazine”, “3DCreative magazine”, “3D Artist magazine”, “Animation Reporter India” .

In 2012, he also began providing consulting services in the field of technology for the production of animation content in Russia and with foreign partners. As part of this work, in 2012, “Contact Media Group” conducted a study of the methodology of the animation studios in China, on behalf of the management of the company. He exchanged experience with the specialists of animation studios Motion Magic (Shanghai), Original Force (Nanjing), GDC (Shenzhen), Happy animation (Shenzhen), Flame Node studio (Beijing), Golden Pines (Beijing), Dalian Betop Multimedia Technology (Dalian), etc.

During 2014 he took part in the production of full-length animated films “Sawa: the heart of a warrior”, “Baba Yaga”.

Since 2015, he was invited to the company “Kinofirma” to work as the chief technologist on the projects “Miracle-Yudo”, “Cat and Beaver. Double troubles “and” The Princess and the Dragon. ” Mystery of the Magic Mirror “, intended for international film distribution.

In 2017, having 20 years of professional experience in all areas of computer graphics and animation, he became one of the founders and CEO of ALIANS-ANIMATION studio.

He was born on March 27, 1970.

From 1993 to 1998 he founded several Russian distribution companies.

In 1998, he was invited by the founders of the Rostov holding company “RONIiS” to create and manage the distribution company “Sound” and the producer company “Russian Sound”. He recruited staff and conducted training. He conducted negotiations with partners.The created companies distributed the leading Russian performers – Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Masha Rasputina, the Lesopoval group and many other performers, on the Russian territory and worldwide.
The distribution network of the company “Sound”, established in Rostov-on-Don, for a long time was one of the largest in Russia. He finished work in the holding company at his own request in 2003.

Since 2000, he worked as a music producer with various musical groups and performers, he was engaged in recording music albums and shooting clips. In 2003, he founded “the Golden Triangle Company” to create the first Russian 3D animation project “The Metropolitan Souvenir”. Became the author of the idea and the producer of this project. The first part of the project was released on DVD in 2004, and the film became the first full-length Russian project, performed with the help of exclusively three-dimensional graphics.

While working on the project, “Capital Souvenir” started developing the rules for the production optimization of modern animated films in Russia. The main purpose of these rules creation was to develop parameters that allow, with relatively small budgets of Russian projects and high speed of their production, to guarantee the output of projects in a rental with a high quality of the visual range.

At the same time he was engaged in public and political activities. In 2005, he became a member of the Expert Council on Legal Regulation and Protection of Intellectual Property of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism. He became the author and initiator of amendments to the law on the copyright of the Russian Federation, agreeing on proposals for changes with a number of public human rights organizations: the non-profit partnership ANKO (Association of Independent Film Distribution Organizations), the Guild of Producers of Russia, the UNESCO Chair, the Nonprofit Partnership of Distributors, IFPI and many Others. The documents were signed by leading Russian filmmakers – Karen Shakhnazarov, Alexei Uchitel, Sergei Selyanov, Mark Rudinshtein, Armen Medvedev and 74 others, including the president of the Producers’ Guild – V.N. Dostal. The prepared package of proposals from the representatives of these organizations was transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor and on the personal order of the Minister G.O. Gref redirected to study the assistant minister – Yu.S. Lyubimov. At the suggestion of the Minister, as a result of close and productive work, a schedule of various activities was developed to study the current situation in the intellectual property market by the Ministry. Prepared round tables with the participation of the Minister of Economic Development and representatives of industries related to intellectual property. As a result of the measures taken, representatives of the business were accounted for by the developers of part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

At the same time he continued to work as a journalist and became the author of a number of articles: “Cinema and music in Russia:” From standardization to imbecilization … “,” The author of animation films in Russia must necessarily be a little crazy … “,” Consumption and upbringing: All in one animation package”,” Soviet “cinema was over. What is Russian? “. The articles were published in the Russian magazine about cinema “Our distribution” in 2005. They were devoted to various problems and ways of their solutions existing in the modern Russian film production.

In 2005 the film company “Paradise” became interested in the method of production of three-dimensional cartoons, developed by the company “Golden Triangle”. In 2006, the creation of the animated film “Adventures of Alenushka and Erema”, financed by the company “Paradise” have started. The production was entirely based on the rules developed by the company “Golden Triangle”, and the key roles played by the staff of professionals selected by the leadership of the Golden Triangle.

Implemented in practice, the methodology for the rapid creation of three-dimensional projects led to the fact that launched in September 2006 in the production of the cartoon “The Adventures of Alenushka and Erema” released on Russian screens in October 2008, collected at the box office 4 million dollars and was nominated for the “Golden Eagle Award “.

Carried out a parallel production of two full-length animated films by one team – “Adventures of Alenushka and Erema” and “New Adventures of Alenushka and Erema”. That allowed to make both films not only quickly, but also with a fairly small budget. In total, about $ 7 million was spent on the creation of both projects, and the total production of both films took 40 months, and both of these parameters became the unconditional record of Russian film production.

During the production of both cartoons about the adventures of Alenushka and Erema, he was the head of the production studio, the executive and music producer of this project, as well as the author of the idea, script and lyrics. He took part in the development of the artistic and production part of the project, directed the actors casting, independently conducted work on the actor’s scoring of films as a director of dubbing.

From 2010 to 2012 he was engaged in consulting in the field of organizing the production of animated films. He interacted with the leaders of the company Riki (Smeshariki project), animation studio Wizart Animation (project “Snow Queen”) animation studio Animakkord (project “Masha and the Bear”), animation studio “Aeroplan” (project “Fixiki” ) And the company “Contact Media Group” (the project “Adventures of the Little House and His Friends”).

Since 2012 he has been engaged in consulting in the field of organizing the production of animation content both in Russia and with foreign partners.

In 2012, on behalf of the management of the company, “Contact Media Group” conducted a study of animation studios in China. Conducted negotiations with the leaders of animation studios Motion Magic (Shanghai), 37 Entertainment (Shanghai), CG Power (Shanghai), Shanghai Cartoon (Shanghai), VJ Animation (Shanghai), Shanghai animation film Studio (Shanghai), “Tibetan dogs” (Shenzhen ), Shenzhen Super Engine Animation (Shenzhen), Happy animation (Shenzhen), Wintone Technology Box animation (Suzanne), Suzhou Hippo Animation (Suzhou), Sandman Animation (Suzhou), Xing Xing (Beijing), Golden Pinasters (Beijing) and Flame Node studio (Beijing).

Since 2014 he became executive producer of the projects “Miracle-Yudo”, “The Cat and Beaver. Double troubles “and” The princess and the dragon. Mystery of the Magic Mirror “, intended for international film distribution.

Since 2017 he became the general producer of “ALIANS-ANIMATION”.

He was born on January 6, 1987 in the city of Bryansk.

In 2009 he graduated from Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, the department of “Automation and Information Technology”, with a degree in engineering and mathematics.

After university, he entered the post-graduate school of Mendeleev Russian Chemical-Technological University. He was profoundly involved in scientific activity and engaged in the development of mathematical algorithms and computer programs for the analysis of various photos and images which were received by chemical engineers at synthesizing new substances and materials. He received two certificates (patents) on the state registration of the computer programs.

In 2012 he received a winner’s certificate of “International Academic Publishing Company” Nauka / Interperiodica “for the best article published in its journals.” He have participated in many scientific conferences and forums. He became an author and co-author of a dozen scientific publications in well-known Russian and foreign scientific publishers.

In 2013, with he defending his thesis on “Fractal-wavelet algorithms and program complexes of computer analysis mikro foto images texture of composite nanomaterials”, he became a candidate of technical sciences on the specialty “Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs.”

While being a student, he become interested in the creation of computer graphics. On the one hand this passion resulted in a scientific work in a related field, and on the other hand — into the desire to work in the animation industry.

He worked as a compositing artist at the animation studio “Paradise” on the full-length animated project “Adventures Alyonushka and Yarema” and “The New Adventures Alyonushka and Yarema” from 2007 to the year 2009 .

In 2011 he was invited to work as a deputy artistic director of the department of animation and film production in LLC “D3 Media Group”, which was reorganized in 2012 in the company “D3 Media”, where he became head of the computer graphics department and worked on the creation of numerous animated television series, as well as have organized several full-length animation projects pre production.

At the same time he was engaged in the creation of content for video projection and LED screens, worked on the design and production of video for events held in the concert hall of the Kremlin Palace, an arena, Crocus City Hall, Expocentre, Sochi Ice Arena and many other venues for major events.

In 2014, he was invited to the company “Kinofirm” as a head of the production, to create a full-length animation projects “Miracle Yudo,” “The Cat and the beaver. Double trouble “and” The Princess and the Dragon. The mystery of the magic mirror. “